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There are still periods available for this summer, don't hesitate to contact me and let me know your wishes via the booking request form.



The story of Champ-Nany and its 3 lodges began almost 30 years ago, with Ursula and Hansruedi Ruf, who brought this beautiful place to life and welcomed its first holidaymakers.


Since 2014, Champ-Nany has been managed and developed by Trudi Cortali and René Schär, who have brought all their care and love of nature to this place, as well as to their guests, whom they have welcomed for almost ten years.


Since March 2023, I've been the new owner, Véronique Richard. I was looking for a place in the countryside where I could settle down and welcome 2-3 horses for my retirement, because I've always been passionate about horses, and I've been involved in various activities and courses with them, such as weekly walks, hikes, equestrian ethology courses, free-riding...


Through a series of happy coincidences, I discovered Champ-Nany and immediately fell in love with it. There's a private house here, as well as a superb Bresse farmhouse with holidays appartments; during my professional career, I had the opportunity and pleasure of organizing conferences and events in the industrial world, and as I wanted to prepare for an active retirement, my desires met with the wonderful possibilities offered by this place.


January 2024: it's time for retirement and the start of a new life, as well as new pages to be lived at Champ-Nany. I'm working on the exterior of the premises and the forthcoming opening of the cottages.

In March 2024, Champ-Nany will re-open, and I look forward to welcoming you to this enchanting place, where you can fill your body and heart with the fullness of nature.


As the seasons change, the flora and fauna and the light change, and each day is a new painting, I hope to offer you the opportunity to relax, laugh and share activities with family, friends and colleagues in this magnificent setting...


The Burgundy Bresse region will also reveal all its charms, with beautiful encounters and discoveries to be made...... and so many events, leisure activities to enjoy....


The adventure continues... see you soon!


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